Stinkin Rich slot combinations and the casino game bonuses

Stinkin Rich slot combinations and the casino game bonuses

Stinkin Rich slot by IGT

Stinkin Rich slot is a funny IGT 100 paylines’ slot for players, who simply relax at online casinos playing for free or gamble there with one goal – to get good money. Both options are available in casinos that cooperate with IGT company and use its software.

How to win Stinkin Rich slot

2 Skunks are the heroes of the game. They buy discarded products for real currency. This is because money means nothing to these animals. They rob the aristocrats and exchange their money for garbage treats: rotten garlic, spoiled eggs, stale fish, old shoes, etc.

To get good winnings in a slot machine with rich and skunks, the players should make the highest possible bets and use all the functions of the simulator:

  • Enjoy the Skunk girl that is a Wild;
  • Meet a Skunk guy that is a Scatter that generates extra income;
  • Deal with bins that activate a quick bonus game.

Free spins are the secret of successful bets here. The player must find the keys to the house of aristocrats and then he can take possession of all their wealth. The casino will be required to pay for the gambler’s attempts, and all rewards will be credited to the gambler’s account. Also, the player must not do miss the chance to rummage through the bins — he can easily find a big prize in them, because skunks are always ready to give a lot of money or loans for catching good trash.


The gaming machine with traditional 5 reels offers players a mass of various pictures. Making free or paid spins, they will see the icons that depict see:

  • Villa owners;
  • Stinkin Rich slot skunk;
  • Houseware;
  • Food, etc.

All images shown exude a stench that can turn into fabulous payouts for a player. A Skunk here is a Wild, and it is exactly this picture, which is used as a joker: it replaces any income when it is needed for creation of the prize combination.

Bonus features

Stinkin Rich skunk main duty is to turn combinations into winning ones. A Scatter is another picture with a skunk. This mark is paid even if it does not constitute combinations. Key to Riches activates free spins. The bonus round is called Trash for Cash, it is activated by the appearance of a lid from the trash can, which is also very funny.

Mobile version of Stinkin Rich slot

Stinkin Rich slot can be opened in a mobile browser. However, this game cannot be downloaded. One can play it only online, using the internet connection, which must be enough good to let a gambler play with no bugs.

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