Konami slots

Konami slots

Popular Konami slots and games

Konami slots are not as popular as Microgaming and Playtech games, but this provider has been working…for half a century already! In the middle of 1960s, Japanese guys with Kozuki, Nakama, Matsuda, and Ishihara names founded the company to repair musical instruments. Later, it was called Konami — it was composed of the initials of the names of the company’s founders. Konami can be translated as “small wave”.

In 1978, the wave grew in intensity and size as Konami entered the video game industry. First arcades such as Space King (1978), Space King 2 (1979) and Astro Invader (1980) were based on the popular gameplay of Space Invaders (1978). In 1981, the developers of Konami proved that they can not only copy successfully but also have innovative ideas themselves. In February 1981, Scramble appeared, and it was one of the first multi-level shoot-’em-ups. Now, Konami free slots can be found not in all casinos, but they have their devoted fans all over the world.

Konami slots and the games of this provider

If an experienced player hears the name Konami, he might start thinking about Metal Gear, and Contra Konami slots; although not each casino slot is presented in popular online gaming resources.

The company has developed a series of slot machines and table games that are in use worldwide. However, players can find only a very small choice of software made by Konomi online.

Konami games and social nets

Today, those, who have FB accounts, can play Konami slots on Facebook in a browser or use its app. Many of them are free: a player simply needs to find the site which offers Konami slots free chips and Konami slots codes. They are updated every day. Pushing the button with the date when a gambler plays, he will be sent to FB page with these slots. To play, no registration is needed — the user should just sign up to his FB profile. Soon after it, the gamer will get over 250 000 Konami slots free coins that can be used in a game to his taste. Playing with virtual money, the luckiest guys can win real awards and even a sea cruise!

The following games of this company are popular:

  • Lotus Land;
  • Classy Roses;
  • China Shores;
  • Flamenco Flare Konami slots, etc.

Konami takes care to use its production dealing only with licensed companies, thus, it will be difficult to find the places where to play in the beginning. Starting with Facebook free Konami slots, gamblers might go further and register in casinos that deal with the software of this provider. Gamers that choose slots developed by Konomi, can open them on their phones as well.

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